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Not dead, just sick

Not dead guys, just sick and busy. But boy do I have updates for you. Lol

Stay tuned!

3 ways to get back in the study zone

Originally posted on the dancing orange:

IMG_3482.PNGNow that summer is over and I’m hitting the books again, I’m finding that I’m in a summer funk and I just can’t focus. Here are a few tips that I’m using to get in the zone and hopefully they help you too!

Change your study space - your study space may now be filled with too much fun and relaxing atmosphere, making it hard to focus and create a studious space. Try going to the library for a few days to change up the feel.

Set a routine – summer is horrible to those of us that sleep in late and stay up late. Set yourself a new routine to get up in the morning and sleep at a proper time.

Exercise – I always like to start big in the beginning with doing everything and eventually I turn into a hermit. This is something I add to the…

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Socratic Method Survival Guide


For all my incoming 1Ls lol

Originally posted on Law School Success:

Today’s post is about how to survive—and even thrive—in a Socratic Method classroom. One of the most stressful parts of the first several weeks of law school is that many of your professors will use Socratic Method. If you’re an introvert, you may find that it’s even harder to make that feeling of dread go away. When a professor uses Socratic Method, the student is in the spotlight. You can’t always predict what the professor is going to ask you (or when you will be called on!), and, if you are a new law student, you are still trying to figure out what is expected of you and may feel a bit overwhelmed by everything that you have to learn.

Here are some keys to surviving (and growing from) the Socratic Method:

Prepare: In some ways this is the obvious one, but it’s really important and worth repeating. Preparation is…

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Schedule changes and supplements

So I had to cancel my order for a supplement through Amazon because it didn’t appear that it was in stock for them and it was taking way too long to ship. It’s not an immediate priority right now – I can probably rent it from my lawbrary when I do need it and hell, it saves me $13 right now.

Aside from that, I think the abrupt schedule changes have begun messing with my body because guess what – I’m getting sick! It started out as a very light cough, like something was irritating my throat. Now it’s a cough that hurts my chest because nothing is coming out. great.

I have to admit, I really don’t know what’s going on right now. Things just seem to be going in their own direction rather in the ones I need it – both personally and academically. Or maybe it’s just personally.

Seriously, what the hell is going on?

Reasons Why I’m About to Flip the Fuck Out

Because my frustration primarily deals with law school and non-relationship stuff right now, I’m putting this here. In the future, just as a thought, I may be getting rid of one of my blogs, but I’m not sure which one.

Seriously. what the fuck is going on.

First, my tire on my car is messed up. I have been calling since Saturday to find out if I can get a replacement rim, a simple rim, which shouldn’t be more than $60. I finally took things into my own hands and called a dealership, and they tried to quote me a price for $169. Are you fucking kidding me?? It’s a rim!! The damn tire place seems like they are giving me the run around and I am about to lose my shit on someone.

Second, what the fuck is up with these textbooks? All of a sudden, ALL of my required textbooks are only available through the bookstore and nowhere else on the internet? And they are ALL 2014 editions that must be used in these classes because the older editions are missing information?? Like what, a paragraph? I had to order a textbook directly from LexisNexis because the bookstore doesn’t even have enough copies for the students registered IN THIS ONE CLASS. This class isn’t offered at the undergrad level, and its all of 60 people in the course. SERIOUSLY?!?!

Third, why the hell is it taking so long for items to clear from my bank account?? You all took the money fast enough, you can’t clear shit so its no longer pending?? 

And why haven’t my other non-school items shipped OR arrived yet?

I am about to go the hell off on everybody. Forget 2L hell. This must be “Fuck with the law student” day.

She’s baaaaackkkk! #WelcomeTo2LHell

Welcome back ladies and gentleman!

You guys thought I had dropped off and lost my fire, didn’t you? ;) Mmmhm. I see you.

To be honest, I did for a little bit. But tomorrow starts class, and the cluster of crap has begun – from textbooks to preparing for classes. The major difference between this year and last year? I care just a little less and I’m not afraid of being cold called anymore. Don’t worry, incoming 1Ls, you’ll get there. Lol They do scare the shit out of you the first year because its not a joke, you should come to class prepared. But after your first summer, if you’ve had a good legal amount of experience, you see the bigger picture and you understand things differently and it just gets easier and you start to care less.

Thus, that’s how I am here. Just made a fresh cup of coffee, playing Michael Jackson and motown on Pandora, reading for my classes. I assure you, I will probably push until 1am because I can; and thankfully, my first class isn’t until 1:30 in the afternoon, so I won’t be losing sleep. That’s right, I paid my dues! No more 8:30am classes for me!

So, coffee, tunes, assignments laid out and textbooks in the mail on their way because professors decided to use ALL 2014 editions (the bastards…) No physical textbooks, no tabs, no stock of pens, no printer and paper at home, no planner.. whatever shall I do? I’m improvising and waiting until the last 20 purchases I made switch from pending to cleared on my account before I buy anything else. Until then, off I go to begin my readings on copyright and admin law. Stay tuned for adventures of the first day, folks!




So obviously I got my financial aid money. Woo! Now. The challenge – get textbooks without losing my mind.
Class starts in a few days and it will be interesting to get back into the hustle of it all.
I better get my favorite coffee creamer and start loading up on tabs. It’s about to get real.
Happy Friday!!



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