Knowledge! Key to Law School Exam Success – Organization

Key to Law School Exam Success – Organization.


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Key to Law School Exam Success – Organization


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Originally posted on A Paralegal's Journey to Lawyerhood:

In this post I will share some of my tips for organizing the ridiculous amount of information you are learning as a law student so that it may be easily reviewed throughout the semester, for exam prep, and quickly accessed under pressure during an exam. 

I feel that I can say, with confidence, that I was THE most organized law student at my school last semester. Some of my classmates poked fun, but on exam day, when I knew exactly how and where to find the information I needed, I was the object of envy.

Prior to law school, I hadn’t thought much about my organization skills and how they would help me achieve success as a law student. I had the benefit of developing these skills as a professional (paralegal to three very unorganized lawyers) and though organization impacts many aspects of our lives, I certainly didn’t expect it…

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A look at the bigger picture.

So I really didn’t want to be social yesterday or go to a banquet last night but I’m really glad I did because I got to meet a lot of new people who were interested in IP. After we were done eating, the kids from the table I was sitting at all wanted to go for more drinks and invited me along. I knew I wanted to get home in time for Scandal but figured 1 beer couldn’t hurt.
So we run across the street to this Irish bar that doesn’t look like much but when I looked at the wall, there was a sticker that said “one of the best bars of 2014″ lol it was funny because I had left straight from school with my bag and crim law book, so I had them with me even while we were in the restaurant and then bar. As we all got a beer, we started talking about finals and summer internships – and as per what seems to be the norm in this town – two people sitting at the bar, right in front of us, turned around and joined our conversation. They were both attorneys, one man and one woman, at the same firm. They poked fun at me for having my textbook in a bar and I just laughed and said “I’m good, I have responsibilities but I’ll be sleeping in tomorrow.”
The lady attorney was super nice, and told me she had gone to GW law school; the guy attorney was a different story. He was blatantly bitter and unhappy and sarcastic, which also seems to be the norm of male attorneys in DC because even most of the guy law students around school seem cranky in their conversations in the SBA lounge.
He said he had gone to Georgetown, gotten a scholarship, graduated with no debt. I congratulated him on this and he continued to say that we should all abandon ship/get out of law school while we still can. He went on to say that law schools sell the dream of “big law” firms and that he was basically sitting on his ass for $4k every 2 weeks, doing nothing because the people at the firm gave him nothing to do. He went even further to say that he knew people who worked their butt off to get into public interest and non profit jobs, and that though they worked harder, they were probably happier.

The more I stood there and listened, the more I kind of laughed. Here it is, this guy is so lucky. Top tier school, no debt, great salary, no crushing pressure to work at his job. Young guy who comes off as entitled and bitter and… With something of a greedy, pretentious soul. Instead of being thankful for his circumstances, he’s trying to warn us to leave school. He was trying to spread his misery.
And wouldn’t you know, one of the kids from the group I was with eagerly stepped forward and said that because of the rankings difference between Georgetown and my school – he was trying to transfer. Looking at the kid from my group, you kind of inferred that he was pretentious and grasping too. That action right there? Confirmed it.

I left shortly after that, and on the train ride home, wrote a sort of anonymous little letter to attorney at the bar and posted it on my Facebook. It’s as true in the morning light as it was in my tipsiness.

“Dear angry little man in the bar: There’s really no sense in telling me to abandon ship, now. That to even come to law school is crazy in this economy. Just because you’re miserable, don’t assume I will be. There will always be a need for someone who knows the law and can make educated decisions regarding the community, and thus the world. There will always be a need for someone with a good heart and some common sense, to show a little kindness in a society that generally only values individualism and caring only for ones self. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking on $200k in debt solely feed the hungry. But I’ve been poor, broke, hungry, and many other things; I know what education can do for the mind, and for someone in society I general. I know what it’s doing for me right now. And at the heart of everything, I just want to help. Always believe and have faith because where there is a will, there is a way. <3 "

I have always believed that if you want something bad enough, and work for it, you will get it. Including jobs. Opportunities are rarely handed to you, you've got to show people that you want them. For anyone who is trying to get a summer internship, you understand. And you will succeed because of it.
I will never be one to crap on someone's dream or life goal because it doesn't look like a golden idea at the time. What kind of person would that make me? It would make me a bitter.
So look at the big picture guys. We will graduate with debt. It will be hard. But education allows us to go after opportunities many others CANT. We should all be thankful, get those opportunities, and then turn around and help the community with them. That's how we can make the world a better place.
And isn't that what we all want? 💛

When they speak of me…


I’ve recently fallen in love with the artwork of a particular artist, Loui Jover, whose work is pictured here.

His pieces are generally melancholy but always so beautiful, sometimes heartbreakingly so.
The thought occurred to me that maybe that’s why I have the impact I do, on certain people. Particularly those I date.
I’m not a supermodel. I think I just am so heartbreakingly beautiful to some people that they lose themselves to me. And when they speak of me…if they do speak of me… It is of my brown eyes. My tattoo. The way I giggle like a child and sometimes even cry like one. The way my mouth can stop time; the way my voice will lull you to sleep. They speak of my kindness and wonder with the world, and my amazement with simple and shiny things. Maybe, most possibly, they speak of my pain.
It is that pain that makes me heartbreakingly beautiful. I am human. I break, I rip, I tear and I lose it sometimes. It becomes a temperamental necessity, creating a fragile state of life that let’s me love the world anew each morning.

Lol… I forgot to mention, when I get sleepy, I get poetic. But I do love Jover’s artwork. It is sometimes so sadly beautiful, it reminds me of myself.

Where do you find help?

Where do you find help for a woman who is 57 and barely makes $600/month but now has high blood sugar or diabetes plus asthma? She can’t afford obamacare. Her job refuses to give her a raise. Her apartment is no longer fit for living and she needs to move. Catholic charities probably won’t help. She’s already on food stamps.
…section 8 probably has a waiting list as long as my arm.

… How do I help my mother when I’m barely surviving, myself?
Serious question.

I don’t remember nights like this.

Spring nights where the warmth has less humidity than it does in Florida, this time of year.
I don’t remember quiet or peaceful spring nights from my childhood in Maryland or my puberty in Florida. Nothing has ever been quiet. Instead, the warm nights have always led to mischief and transformation.
Late nights out with boys or on the phone and watching tv. New relationships, break ups, the push into a new school year as one comes to a close. No, nothing has ever been peaceful.
And now, out of habit, I can feel myself waiting. Only this time, I know what I’m waiting for: finals to be over. An internship to start. A little more time to pass so I can find a good deal on an apartment and have a little more clarity of what I want in my future.
The hotter nights lead to heavier waiting.

It’s that time of the semester!!

It's that time of the semester!!

Where our souls are sucked into our computers as we compile an entire semester’s worth of notes into basically one giant cheat sheet for a 4 hour final exam that totals our entire grade. Lol I’m laughing because last semester I told myself I would start during spring break, and then write-on happened during spring break and that didn’t happen. Plus I didn’t even get on to a journal so now I’m like, “Welp, that’s ironic.”
I started outlining this weekend, and we only have 1 week of class to go before we have a week of reading period and then finals start. It didn’t hit me that this is the last minute again, until I looked at a calendar Friday morning and went, “Damn. I better get started.” So that’s what I did. I got started. And my notes are a lot better this semester, except in con law – where I didn’t read at all. So yeah… About that Barbri?
Either way, if you guys haven’t started by now (I’m sure you have… right?), do it. do it now.
Keep Calm and Outline On!!


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