Goodbye life. Hello, finals!


ALL of this is true. Lol

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Okay, I know I said this post would be up last night, but outling and AHS. So, here it is!
Between December 5th and December 15th, I have three in-class finals and one 24 hour take home final. So, straight hell.

Here’s me in my 24 hour exam, I’m waving to my friends outside:

For the 1Ls who are reading this, finals are a special time during law school where you feel like you’re constantly in Hell. Worse than an 8 AM torts class which you haven’t read for and you’re on call for the whole 90 minutes. Worse than waking up six hours before your memo/brief is due and you haven’t done any research. Worse than completing fucking up a cold call to the point where the professor says that he’ll just let you off the hook, but thanks for trying. If you haven’t caught my drift, it is…

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On Replay Today: Jump (for my love) <3

So I was watching “Love, Actually” last night while putting some furniture together and this scene played and I died laughing. Even more, I bought the song!! And I have been doing something akin to the same dances the PM was doing, all morning and into my run at the gym lol

It’s “Jump (for my love)” by the Pointer Sisters <3

Full speed ahead!

Today marks the start of the countdown, lovelies. Exactly 3 weeks to my first written final and the stakes are high. Remember, I didn’t work or have an internship this semester because I wanted to focus on grades. Truth be told I started out with good intentions and halfway through said “fuck admin law” but today is the day. lol
Between writing an expert disclosure letter, preparing for a cross-exam of an expert, and outlining for 3 other classes… I have my work cut out for me today. Lol add in a run to the post office and grocery store… Yeah.
Full speed ahead!! 🚂🚂🚂

Woohoo! *w/Update*

Survived my interview! They will make a decision before thanksgiving :) fingers crossed, prayers up! 💛

Now, I’m sure most of you are wondering… “Wait, wha?! what interview!?”

Oops! Lol Sorry guys. I’ve been pretty busy and not updating much on the law school side. BELIEVE THE HYPE! 2L THEY WORK YOU TO DEATH! Lol

So, here’s what happened. I started sending out applications, technically for summer 2015 internships but this one in particular is for spring 2015. It caught my eye because of how technical and science-y it is, and since my undergraduate studies matched up with it and I’m taking a class specifically related to it, right now – well, I got excited and thought why not apply?

Well, two days later I got a call for an interview – which took place today. It was nerve-wracking, y’all. At least, leading up to it, I was a nervous wreck. I woke up with cramps (it’s that time), a massive headache, and wondering what I was going to wear. I managed to calm down from a near anxiety attack, and was quite truly singing gospel music on the drive down. You guys know I’m a relatively spiritual person; sometimes the only thing that calms me down from an anxiety attack is all out singing to gospel and praying and just letting the peace settle in.

So, I get to the place, and of course I’m early. To be honest, the interview went well. The nervousness seemed to just melt away as I started talking and answering questions, and just remembered to let my personality shine through. At the end of the day, being comfortable with yourself is the best thing you can do in an interview because that’s what they want to see. They want to know who they are working with! So, that’s what I did. At the end, I thanked everyone (there were 3 interviewers) for their time and left pretty happy. Ended up seeing one of my mentors for lunch afterwards :) So today was a good day.

And hopefully they will let me know before thanksgiving! :)

In the meantime, yes – finals are coming with a quickness. I started outlining for one class in particular but I need to get started on the other ones. It seems like just when I’m getting into the groove of something, the semester ends and time to readjust again. It’s insane that I thought 3 years was too long in law school; it’s actually not long enough. There are a lot of classes I would still like to take, and let’s be honest – we are consistently cramming information into our brains and not really getting a chance to use it. It would be nicer if things were a little more spread out, but oh well. Learn or be crushed lol

Heads up to 1Ls!! I don’t know if your school has a writing requirement or a professional skills requirement – but mine does. I took evidence over the summer, which was a good bird to knock out early. I also took my professional skills class this semester, another bird down. Last birdie is the writing requirement class and ethics, which I’m taking in the spring. So what’s the tip? Well, one, take classes early if you are disciplined and comfortable enough to do so. But also, take the MPRE during your second year. The MPRE is the professional responsibility and ethics portion of the bar; taking it immediately after you’ve learned ethics not only saves you from hassle of doing it during 3L – but you also have everything fresh in your mind. I got this advice straight from a professor – so do it! :)

Well, with that, I’m going to find something to eat and relax. Its amazing that technically all I’ve had for the day are two slices of bread with peanut butter on them, a cup of lavender tea, some pretzel pieces and for late lunch, a chicken panini with some pineapple on the side. And now, a can of lemon sanpelligrino lol Ummm I needs to find food.

Goodnight my lovelies