Happy Thanksgiving

Whew. A lot has changed in a year since last thanksgiving. I went from a studio apartment to a 1 bedroom, I’m a second year law student who is a little more aware of what’s coming with final exams, I’ve gotten a little older, maybe a little wiser. I’m single. Lol
A lot has changed. Today, I’m thankful to be able to recognize change and to keep striving for improvement. Thankful to everyone who has helped me and been by my side along the way. Thankful all around.
Happy thanksgiving you guys :)


I can’t even think straight.

I can’t even stop my head from hurting, from everything that’s happened in the last few months and come to a raging head last night. 
If I could pick up and move somewhere, anywhere… Maybe off the planet.
I don’t agree with burning flags. I don’t agree with burning down businesses and looting stores – you are hurting your own neighborhood. You are hurting your friends and neighbors, who you are supposed to be defending and standing with.
But I do agree that there is no justice. There is no peace. 
It makes me question my place in law school, in law, in ways that it never has before. Am I becoming part of a broken system? 
Because the only question searing in my mind is this: how do I change it?
I can’t. 
But we can. 
I tweeted something last night that I meant every word of. The saddest part of this is that we will be angry today. We will be angry maybe for a few weeks. And then we will forget. We will start to focus on fucking Kim Kardashian. (And like clockwork, she released a tweet about her new perfume or something like that.) All of the artists that we idolize? Where are they?? Speaking out? 
Nope. They’re silent. And maybe it doesn’t concern them. But the silence sends a message loud and clear – we don’t actually care. 
Does anyone realize that if we, as a collective nation, stood together and demanded and implemented change – things could be different? But we forget in a matter of weeks or we weaken in numbers. Why can’t we stay focused, including myself?
Am I becoming part of a broken system?
Or if I push for legislative change… If we push together.. Can we change things?
My mind is going in a million places. I can’t even think straight.


Yes. This is the easiest dinner you will ever make.

So I call this “white chicken chili” even though I’m pretty sure that’s not the name. But I LOVE this recipe. I eat it with or without tortilla chips and the ingredients are cheap and easy. Yum.




Voila. 3 days of lunch! 👌😁💕

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9 Things You Learn When You Go To Law School


So true. all of it. lmao

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Legally Blonde
Legally Blonde

1. It is never as prestigious as it sounds.

The minute you tell people you study law, they are in awe of you. To them, you are that fire-breathing, brimstone-raining holy terror they see on TV who always knows what to say and wins every case. Never mind that you will have to study for four years, go to law school for another three years, do all the grunge work for some mid-level attorney for another few years, then get assigned to a shitty case that will drag on and on….No. YOU ARE AWESOME.

2. It is not the same as on TV.

The main reason I chose to do law was because I wanted the fantasy. That was around the time when Drop Dead Diva came out. I remember looking at Jane and thinking, “She’s so cool. I want to be her when I grow up”…

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Goodbye life. Hello, finals!


ALL of this is true. Lol

Originally posted on Tales From 2L Hell:

Okay, I know I said this post would be up last night, but outling and AHS. So, here it is!
Between December 5th and December 15th, I have three in-class finals and one 24 hour take home final. So, straight hell.

Here’s me in my 24 hour exam, I’m waving to my friends outside:

For the 1Ls who are reading this, finals are a special time during law school where you feel like you’re constantly in Hell. Worse than an 8 AM torts class which you haven’t read for and you’re on call for the whole 90 minutes. Worse than waking up six hours before your memo/brief is due and you haven’t done any research. Worse than completing fucking up a cold call to the point where the professor says that he’ll just let you off the hook, but thanks for trying. If you haven’t caught my drift, it is…

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On Replay Today: Jump (for my love) <3

So I was watching “Love, Actually” last night while putting some furniture together and this scene played and I died laughing. Even more, I bought the song!! And I have been doing something akin to the same dances the PM was doing, all morning and into my run at the gym lol

It’s “Jump (for my love)” by the Pointer Sisters <3